Counselor In Training (CIT) Program - girls finishing 7th & 8th grade

The CIT program introduces leadership minded teenagers to the daily activities  of what it is like to be a camp counselor. They will be assigned to a group of campers. They will follow this group throughout the day, while assisting the counselors who are also assigned to that group. The CIT’S assist the campers in the daily fun filled schedule of games, sports, workshops and crafts. They will eat with and assist the campers with their snack and lunch times. As a member of the CIT program, you will go on all of the trips that the campers will be taking and assist the counselors. 

Any teenager who is willing to learn and become more responsible is welcomed to join our fun and structured summer  program focused on team-building and character development.  There are a lot of rewards and gratification with learning how to be a counselor. 

Why be a CIT?

– To gain experience for future jobs and college resumes.

– To gain valuable hours that looks great on job applications.

– To make Jewish friends and become part of the Camp Gan Izzy family.

– To spend their day working hard and playing hard.

– To change a life this summer!

The price for a CIT is $155 a week, and a $60 registration fee. 

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